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The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available:
Individual Confessions:
Saturdays (except April 15)
3pm-4pm and 6pm-6:45pm
Monday, April 10
1pm–2pm and 6pm–7pm
Tuesday, April 11, 1pm–2pm
Anyone wishing to receive this sacrament at other times may make an appointment with one of the priests. Twice a year, during Advent and Lent, communal parish penance services are held for adults, and the children of our parish school, and religious education program.


Who are we to condemn?  As the Lord says, “Anyone without sin, cast the first stone.”  Our God is a Loving and Merciful God who does not wish to condemn us, but rather tells us, “Go and Sin No More!” No one is beyond the Mercy of God, for MERCY IS MORE POWERFUL THAN PUNISHMENT. 


What sin in your life is making you stumble? Who do you still need to forgive? At Mass this weekend, you received a stone to reflect upon using the Examination of Conscience guide. The stone represents the sin in your life, those people you need to forgive, or even if you need to forgive yourself. Bring your stone to Jesus in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, this Tuesday, March 15 at either 10am or 7pm for the communal reconciliation service (there will be plenty of priests!). After you have been forgiven, you will, leave your sin (stone) at the church door, and “Go and Sin No More” signifying how you are truly forgiven!


Challenge of the Week: Prepare yourself and your family for the Sacrament of Reconciliation by reflecting on an examination of conscience


In the Year of Mercy, we have developed an examination of conscience around mercy. 

Mercy is always practical. It always addresses someone. It’s not a mere theory hanging in the air above your head somehow, but it is transmitted to your hands and feet, through your eyes and smile, in your voice and manner of being present. Therefore, take time to read, think, and pray through the list of people/relationships in the examination of concencience linked below. Follow the instructions on the exercise. Make notes in the spaces provided. (Take about 10 minutes for this reflection)

Year of Mercy Examination of Conscience


Here are links of several possible examinations of conscience developed by the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops.

Examination of Conscience based on the 10 commandments

Examination of Conscience for married persons

Examination of Conscience for single people

Examination of Conscience for Young Adults & Teens

Examination of Conscience for Children

Examination of Conscience in light of Catholic Social Teaching


For those who want to go deeper, there is a spiritual practice developed by St. Ignatius Loyola called "The Examen."

The Examen prayer is designed to deepen your sense of God’s generous love in your daily life. It keeps you in touch with how Christ tries to influence you and move you to do the next good thing. This prayer helps you to see when you were cooperating with Christ and when you did not. It makes you more attune to the desires of the risen Lord and helps you discover your daily role in his mission. The prayer has four steps: Gratitude, Review, Forgiveness and Renewal. It is not to be confused with the examination of conscience.

The Examen Prayer