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Making Saint Mary Magdalen “A Home for All”
September 5 - October 4
Pope Francis calls us to join with Christians around the world to prayerfully remember the sacred and essential relationship humanity has with our Good Earth - our common home – and all God created within it. September 1st until October 4th (the Feast of St. Francis) is the Season of Creation 2021.
This year’s theme for the Season of Creation (September 1-October 4) is also our parish message for the month of September: A Home for All - Renewing the Oikos of God. “Oikos” is a Greek word for home. It is the root word for terms like ecology, economy, and ecumenical. It points to the “integral web of relationships” in God’s created order. It invites us to ask what we must do to restore those relationships, that in turn, restore the planet, our communities, our churches and our households to being life-giving dwelling places of the Lord.
This notion of “a home for all” also speaks to our re-start of ministry this month and the great homecoming we are planning for the end of September. We start preparing now, inviting back those who have been away for a while with open doors and open hearts – and then accompanying those who have not yet found their way to us. It is time to rise up and make St. Mary Magdalen that home for all.