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Feast Day 2021
July 25
“A Plan to Rise Again”
Where we go from Feast Day 2021
“Suddenly Jesus met them and greeted them, saying: ‘Rejoice’” (cf. Mt 28:9). It is the first word of the Risen One after Mary Magdalen and the other Mary discovered the empty tomb and came across the angel. The Lord meets them to transform their mourning into joy and to comfort them in the midst of affliction (cf. Jer 31:13). He is the Risen One who wants to resurrect the women to a new life and, with them, all of humanity. He wants us to begin to participate from now in the resurrected condition that awaits us.”
This is how Pope Francis begins his reflection titled “A Plan to Rise Up.” As we come to the weekend of our Patronesses’ Feast Day, we want that same greeting to ring beautifully in our hearing and the hearing of all who are seeking true joy in their lives…” Rejoice!”
Mary Magdalen SAW the empty tomb; she CHOSE to seek the one she loved, and she ACTED on that love. To SEE, to CHOOSE and now to ACT, that is the direction we are taking here at our parish. We saw the challenges that Covid presented, and how it limited our ability to do ministry. We CHOSE to re-think the whole focus and direction of our ministries, and developed our new Mission, Vision and Values to give voice to that new direction. And now it’s time to ACT.
This is the year of turning our vision “out” … to lead, encounter, accompany, serve. Not just DO, but GO. Not just WELCOME, but INVITE. That’s how we go on mission to “Share Christ with the World.” That is how we the parish and we the Church can Rise, resurrected, a new creation!
In Christ’s perfect Love, Fr. Charlie Mitchell, Pastor