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March 2 - April 10
After spending time in the desert, Jesus invited his disciples to a journey of change – of “Metanoia” – in Greek, meaning a change of mind, a conversion of heart …. turning around our lives to find the true path of salvation. And that is where the Gospels point us this Most Holy Season… Join us every Sunday of Lent at Mass for a mind-changing, life-changing message.
Week 1 - First Sunday of Lent
During week 1 of Lent we encourage our small groups to watch the trailer and then watch Episode 2. (video series link below)
Question of the week: What must I do to inherit eternal life? How do I get to Heaven? How do I know I will?
Metanoia Video
We invite you, most especially within your small group, to watch “Metanoia” produced under the direction of Fr. Dave Pivonka, TOR, president of the acclaimed Franciscan University in Steubenville. The series need not be viewed in sequence – each episode provides longtime Catholics and seekers new perspectives. Watch on your own before you gather - or when you come together. The Small Group reflections point to many of the same insights.
Start here: Metanoia – Series -
The series is free to watch - once you sign in you can create your free access account.
#PRAY40 – Free Catholic Prayer for Lent “Hallow App”
Pray every day this Lent! Join the #Pray40 Challenge in the Hallow App featuring daily Lenten meditations on Jesus’ Last Seven Words from His Cross. We were introduced to Hallow through the ministry office of the Diocese of Orlando.
Hallow is the #1 Catholic app for prayer – a prayer tool for everyone no matter where they are in their prayer life.
The app 3,000 audio-guided sessions designed to help you grow closer to God. Content includes: Daily Gospel Readings, Daily Rosary, Daily Saint; Meditations on Humility, Gratitude and Calmness; Mental Health content from Catholic experts; and much more!
You can learn more and download the app by going to