Share Christ With the World
April 11 - May 23
Our Mission, Our Message
This is the season when we, “Easter People”, become to understand our role as important players in the Easter story: We are on mission to Share Christ with the World, which is our message this spring.
The first followers of Jesus came to believe that Jesus conquered the grave, enabling them to see beyond their own fears and failures and hurts to a better future. With Jesus’ victory over sin and death, they came to believe that the power of God working in their lives could accomplish far more than they could ask or imagine – not only for them, but for the world. They began to understand and embrace their mission.
We are taking a fresh look at this mission, as Christian stewards, as disciples individually, and working together as the community of Saint Mary Magdalen. Our message follows the course of the Easter Season scripture, through the acts of the apostles and the Gospel instruction from the risen Jesus, reminding us that we were created for love and called to share the Good News of salvation.
Gospel Reflections for Small Groups