Encountering Christ in the Sacraments
Encountering Christ with your child
Encountering Christ in your parish community

St. Mary Magdalen parish accompanies and prepares families for the celebration of First Reconciliation and First Communion. These gifts from God heal and strengthen us along the lifelong journey of faith.

We welcome families whose children are baptized, at least 7 years old, had completed a minimum of one year of faith formation, and desires to receive Jesus in the sacraments. There are 4 Fall family sessions in preparation for First Reconciliation and 4 Spring family session in preparation for First Communion. Sessions are held at 4:15pm Sunday afternoons and include 5:30pm Mass as a community.

Families who are committed to preparation through formation sessions, prayer, and Mass will be introduced to a team member to begin the registration process. For additional information, please contact our Steward for Children and Family Ministries, Kristina Blair at 407.831.1212 or KristinaB@StMaryMagdalen.org

For Adults

Adults wishing to receive Reconciliation, Eucharist, and/or Confirmation for the first time, please contact Mary Gulde, 407-831-1212 ext. 2315, MaryG@StMaryMagdalen.org.

For Children

Email Kristina Blair (KristinaB@StMaryMagdalen.org) for registration information.
2018-2019 Sessions
First Reconciliation

Session One
"Renewed in Your Love"

Session Two
"Give Us a New Heart"

Session Three
"We Show Our Great Love for You"

Session Four
"We Love God With All Our Hearts"

First Communion

Session One
"We Are the Body of Christ"
(Introductory Rite)

Session Two
"God Speaks to Us"
(Liturgy of the Word)

Session Three
"We Lift Up Our Hearts"
(Eucharistic Prayer)

Session Four
"We Hunger and Thirst for God"
(Communion Rite)

Children's Retreat
9:30 am to 12:30 pm