Light Up a Home for the Holy Season of Christmas

Why the Light Up Project?

To celebrate the family spirit that the Emmanuel has blessed us when he became our brother.

What is the Light Up Project?

Through the Light Up Project, individuals, families, and parish groups band together as SMM delegate groups connect with our parish seniors who are either homebound or have none/few family living in town.  (We henceforth friendly call them our “grand-pals”).  Delegate groups help Light Up our grand-pals Holy Season.  We provide five easy steps for participants to follow and a list of services/activities that participating groups can choose from to do for/with their grand-pals.  Participating groups are welcome to add their own personal touch (within the guidelines) to the service. The Light Up Team (LU Team) facilitates grouping disciple volunteers with their grand-pal.  However, participants are encouraged to band with their family, friends, co-workers, etc. to form their own group.

Steps to participate in the Light Up Project:

  • Submit disciple volunteer form for your group/family or yourself by November 11
  • If appointed to be captain of a group, contact your assigned grand-pal within a week after receiving grand-pal’s info from the LU Team to have a casual introduction: introduce your group, thank your grand-pal for allowing the group to connect with him/her, getting to know the basic about your grand-pal, remind him/her of the scheduled service date/time, who/what to expect.  Let your grand-pal know that your group can’t do everything but would like to do something within your capacity to bring them small joy.
  • Captains communicate with members of his/her group to share additional information about their grand-pal and, if needed, solicitate additional ideas for the service.
  • A week before the service day, Disciple Volunteer Guidelines, captain and grand-pal information will be sent to all participants.  Contact LU Team for questions.  At the scheduled time/date, meet at grand-pal’s house for the service.