Service Opportunities
Can you give one hour each month to serve “the least” of your brothers and sisters?

Everyone can do something good for others. Whether it is cleaning at an Oasis serving our local homeless brothers/sisters, sitting with a homebound elderly, or writing to an inmate being locked up at a correction facility, there are many small and big actions you can do to brighten someone’s day.

We invite you to take a quick look and discern the Service Opportunities with our ministries and local charities. If you are busy working adults, we suggest you trying out a non-committed service opportunity at a local charity once every other month. If your schedule permits, make a regular commitment to serve with a ministry or a local charity. Whichever way you decide to serve, at least one of “the least” of our brothers and sisters will benefit from your goodness. If you have questions about these services, don’t hesitate to message Mary Huynh at

Ministry Be a Lifesaver! More Info
Ministry to the Sick
  • Once a week or once a month visit and bring Communion to the sick. Locations include Advent Health Hospital in Altamonte, nursing homes in our area, and parishioners’ homes.
  • Sit with a homebound elderly person.
  • Check on an elderly person who lives alone in your neighborhood
  • Pray for the sick and the ministers that visit them.
Contact Mary Huynh
Ministry of Condolence
  • Come to a Funeral Mass as your schedule permits.
  • Be trained to become part of our Funeral Planning Team to walk with grieving families helping them plan for their loved one’s funeral rites.
Contact Mary Huynh
Up Coming Funerals
Funeral Planning Guide
Keeping Independent Seniors Safe and Mobile
  • Become a KISSM driver and drive someone to Mass or Medical Appointments
  • Be an available neighbor who is willing to bring an elderly neighbor to the weekend Mass
  • Drive a fellow parishioner to the events and Masses such as Christmas and Easter, and parish-wide celebrations such as Community Fest, the Parish Picnic, and our Annual Missions.
Contact Mary Huynh
Respect Life
  • Join our team to pray at the abortion facility in our neighborhood (on Maitland Ave.) on any Thursday morning after the 8:30am Mass
  • Join our core team to become part of the planning that contributes to the cultivation of a culture of life within our community
  • Remember expecting mothers in need in your daily prayers.
Contact Melissa
  • Once a month, drop off some dry food items in the shopping cart parked at the entrance of the Church
  • Join the BOGOGO team to manage the food cart and take collected food to local food pantries.
Contact Pat
Coalition for the Homeless Come on any 4th Saturday of the month from 4:45pm-6:45pm to help prepare and serve food at the Coalition for the Homeless, in downtown Orlando Contact Mike
Friend of Peace Orphanage
  • Become a member of the core team to actively participate in planning for actions that help keep the orphanage going.
  • Sign up to receive our Ripples monthly newsletter.
  • Choose the Peace Orphanage as your preferred charity to donate to (contact Parish Accountant)
Contact Sue
Parish Accountant, 407-831-1212
Prison Family Support Write to an inmate. Contact Jean & Jack
Family Services

Choose Family Outreach as your prefer outreach to donate to.

Parish Accountant, 407-831-1212

Habitat for Humanity (Seminole-Apopka)

Help Habitat build houses for families in need by:

  • Signing up to work on a build day
  • Signing up to work at their ReStore stores

Sign Up-2nd Saturdays

Sign up directly with Habitat for other opportunities

The Christian Sharing Center
  • Clean shower stalls or do laundry at the Oasis Center where our homeless brothers/sisters can come in to take a shower and have their clothes washed/dried.
  • Sort donations in the warehouse.
  • Help at their thrift store

Sign Up 2nd Fridays
Family Service Night

Call or visit their website for other service opportunities

Orlando Union Rescue Mission

Help serve dinner or lunch at the facility for women and children. Parents may bring their children (see sign-up for more info).

Sign Up - 2nd Fridays every other month