Small Groups Information
Small Groups is a fresh new opportunity to
CONNECT with others and sink your roots deep into the Catholic faith and community.
JOIN a small group that fits you: choose from a variety of groups—women, men, married couples, mixed adults (men & women together) retirees, and Spanish-speaking.
GROW your faith as you discuss the Gospel Message Series and how to live it out.
St. Mary Magdalen Small Groups FAQ:
What is a small group?
Small groups is a gathering of 6-12 people who meet weekly in a member’s home to pray together, share faith experiences, and pray for each other.
Is this a class?
No, this is not a class but there is a set structure to each gathering. This includes time for fellowship, an opening and closing prayer, and a guided reflection on the Message Series from the weekend Mass. This opens discussion and challenges each other to pray, be authentic and to be committed to grow in our faith.
Why should you join?
This is for anyone who is looking for a deeper connection to the faith community. This can be also for anyone who would like to join others who are positive and encouraging each other in their faith walk.
What is the commitment?
This ministry runs September through May. Some groups choose to meet year round. Small Groups are encouraged to meet weekly. Groups last 90 minutes per week, and are available in the morning, afternoons or evenings.
What types of groups are available?
Men’s, Women’s, Mixed Adults (men and women together), Married couples, Spanish speaking, and Retirees
Do I need to be Catholic or a member of St. Mary Magdalen?
No, this ministry is open to anyone, Catholic or non-Catholic. You do not need to be a member of St. Mary Magdalen Parish to join. All are welcome and welcome to invite a friend.
Is there a fee to join a Small Group?
No. All materials are provided. You are invited to bring a bible and a journal with you.
When can I join?
Groups are open throughout the year. You may join anytime. Register for a Small Group