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Joseph R: He was born yesterday and is in icu at Arnold Palmer fighting for his life, please pray for baby Joe and his family, the doctors & nurses
Date Submitted: 02/26/2021
Melissa: please pray for my father, Richard, as he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. we are praying that his imaging results come back with good news and the cancer has not metastasized. thank you. he is an incredible husband, father and grandfather.
Date Submitted: 02/26/2021
Liliana B: For Joe B, my uncle. Passed away after a long battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his family.
Date Submitted: 02/23/2021
Austin : Please pray for Jake M & his family. Jake is a friend from college who lost his 9 year old son to a sledding accident in Brentwood, TN on Tuesday 2/16/21. Jake was pulling his son on a sled with a rope tied to an ATV when the accident took place. Please not only pray for his family but also please pray for Jake, that he can find the strength & peace from within, & to not blame himself for the accident. He's always been a man of strong faith & is a fantastic father to his kids. I can't imagine what he is going through right now.
Date Submitted: 02/17/2021
Racine N. : Please pray for my friend Jhana M. She just lost her brother in a car accident.
Date Submitted: 02/16/2021
Phil M: Please pray for my daughter in law Pam. They have discovered tumors on her thyroid that are cancerous. She is a teacher with 2 children and a kind and thoughtful person.
Date Submitted: 02/13/2021
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