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Leonor L: for Uncle Jesus G for a speedy recovery against Covid19. In ICU hospital for 3 weeks. And all the medical team work working with him. for his wife Virginia and daughters are sick as well, but recovering at home.
Date Submitted: 07/09/2020
Danielle: For my husband who is suffering from severe dementia
Date Submitted: 07/07/2020
Nancy W: For my friend Janis whose husband Raymond just passed away from Covid-19
Date Submitted: 07/07/2020
Mary Ellen: for my childhood friend Jeanne, who joins us at Mass online, and for her husband Billy C. who's skin cancer metastasized and the unknown journey they will be going through. They have been through so much.
Date Submitted: 07/06/2020
Mary Ellen: for my best friend and parishioner who is having heart surgery on Thursday.
Date Submitted: 07/06/2020
Victoria: For my sister who was admitted to the hospital with anxiety and depression and that the Lord can fill her with His peace.
Date Submitted: 07/02/2020
Anonymous: For a date for my surgery. Hopefully, soon! For the doctors and for healing. For my husband to find a job.
Date Submitted: 07/02/2020
Anonymous: Carol G and her upcoming surgery
Date Submitted: 07/01/2020
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